Faux Suede Care Tips

How to keep your Babydolls clean and scuff-free

So you just got your first pair of Babydolls. And as much as you can't wait to take them for a spin and do some heel bangs, you're scared of the dreaded scuff marks and dirt on your new babies? Fear not, we've got the best tips to keep these beauties in top condition.


1. Heel Protectors

Probably the easiest way to prevent scuff marks, especially at the tip where you drag your heels, is to put on matching shoe protectors - they barely show at all during practice and keep your heels in perfect condition for shoots or special occasions.

Sold out

Sold out

2. Stain Protector Spray for Prevention

Your local cobbler and many online stores offer faux suede friendly sprays to prevent damage before it happens.

3. Clean the Floor

This one is less to do with the heels itself, but rather with the environment- yet it gets forgotten all the time. Naturally, a clean floor will leave less dirty marks on your heels than a wiped floor - so if possible, make sure the floor you dance on is sparkling clean to the best of your abilities!

Cleaning Existing Scuffs Marks

4. Preen Vanish Oxi Action (use with toothbrush and water to clean, rinse off, let dry)

Based on the feedback of many Hella Lovers, Preen Vanish Oxi Action works wonders! Similarly, other faux suede cleaning products may help too! Just use toothbrush, some spray, water - scrub, rinse, dry and your Hellas should look like new!

5. Micellar Water (as recommended by a user in our Facebook group)

This one is based on the feedback of a customer who swears by this trick. Just use some micellar water and a toothbrush and get scrubbing.

Which one is your favourite trick to keep your heels clean?

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