So you just got your first pair of Faux Suede Hellas. As much as you can't wait to take them for a spin and clack your heels in them, you're scared of the dreaded scuff marks and dirt on your new babies. Fear not! We've got the Best Tips to keep these beauties looking fly for longer.

Use Protection (Shoe Protectors) 🀫

Putting on Shoe Protectors is probably the easiest way to prevent scuff marks, especially at the tip where you drag your heels! They are made to match and blend with your aesthetic to keep you looking 100 for practice, shoots, and performances!

EXXXtra Care: Stain Protector 🫧

Your local cobbler and shoe stores may offer Faux Suede-friendly sprays to prevent damage before it happens. We highly recommend trying this!

Keep It Down Low... Clean The Floor ✨

A clean floor will leave less dirty marks on your heels than a sparkly clean floor ever will, boo! So if possible, make sure the floor you will be dancing on is clean. Gotta keep it clean to make it rain!

Got Messy Already? πŸ’¦

Based on a whole lotta feedback from Hella Lovers,Β Preen Vanish Oxi ActionΒ works wonders! Similarly, other faux suede cleaning products may help too! Just use a toothbrush, a few spritzes of Preen Vanish Oxi Action, water, scrub, rinse, dry and your Hellas should be in better shape!

Micellar WaterΒ also does the trick (and a few babes swear by this)! Just us some Micellar Water and a toothbrush to scrub, wipe, and pat dry.

Now that you're all equipped with this knowledge, we can't wait for you to secure the bag! πŸ™πŸ’°