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Wide Fit

Bestselling Styles now in Wide Fit are all 25% Off, including Oh Snap Open Toe Boot! Cuz even shoes have to be inclusive, duh!


You're Gonna Look and Feel Sooo Fire. Take 45% Off the collection, featuring HellGirl Red/Yellow Flame


For the HU$TLERS of Heaven, this collection is the Ultimate Luxury Statement

Indulge in Debauchery and Take 30% Off, including faves like Holier Than Thou Boot


Sparkling sealed glitter faves, these babies are great for gripping on the pole while glistening like the showgirl star you are! Take 25% Off the collection, including cult faves Sin City Thigh High Boot and Purple Rain Stiletto

Wild West

Who’s Ready for a HOEDOWN?! Take 40% Off and bring a western aesthetic to platforms for the modern hustler, including Snake In My Boot

Empire Kicks

Sporty x Sexy Aesthetic for the Statement Makers!
- 50% Off Shield Stilettos
- 30% Off Boots


Our collection defined by faux suedes and velvets! Staple go-tos perfect for floorwork, gliding and looking like an ultimate babydoll
- 50% Off Peach, Hot Pink and Khaki Boots
- 30% Off the rest of boots
- 50% Off Stilettos


We makin' your animal print dreams come true! Take 25% Off the entire collection, including fan fave (and sold out in minutes!) Moonlight Leopard Stiletto


Want something that'll definitely last longer than your ex? This collection has black-all-the-way-through platforms cuz ain't no one got time to be lookin' scruffy!
- 50% Off Dakota Classic Stiletto
- 30% Off Blaq Kicks, Cult, Black Beatle


Your Pole Go-Tos! This collection uses fabrics that grip to the pole!
- 50% Off Stilettos
- 30% Off Boots except LipKit Front Lace Thigh Highs
- 10% Off New LipKit Front Lace Thigh Highs


We gotchu with your beauty needs at a steal!
- 15% Off Ponytails
- 10% Off Dancing Dust Pots
- 10% Off Wigs

Grips & Accessories

Spoil urself (or your babes) with the cutest accessories and best grip in the game!
- 60% Off Candles, Ribbons, Keyrings, Jewelry
- 60% Off Stickers
- 15% Off Dancing Dust Grips

HOAH Bikinis

You ain't seen nothing like this yet... gamechanging bikinis now at 20% Off
- 60% Off Non-Scrunch Miami Bottoms

Shoe Protectors

Don't Forget to Use Protection (especially if you like it rough...)
Take 50% Off all Shoe Protectors!

Limited Edition

Last Chance to grab these rare beauties before they're sold out for good!
- 60% Off Diamonds & Dollars
- 60% Off Pride Boot
- 25% Off HeartBreaker