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Have you noticed, we take $from every order and put it towards a chosen charity (which you pick from a selection). With your help, this initiative has allowed us to help some amazing organisations.

It’s June, which means PRIDE month!!! In that light, we are adding another charity to donate to...

BLACK RAINBOW - @blackrainbowaus

Black Rainbow is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Sistergirl and Brotherboy (LGBQTI+SB) organisation in the pursuit of positive health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lesbian LGBQTI+SB*. Originally focusing on suicide prevention, the diversity of our leadership group has allowed us to expand our horizons.

Black Rainbow is a non-profit organisation and is owned and operated by indigenous persons. They are premised by advocacy, leadership, and solutions which identify and address social and cultural determinants of wellbeing as they relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians whom identify as LGBTIQ+SB.

The Black Rainbow Sistergirl Retreat 2020, featuring founder @dameyon|ig and Courtney Love 

The most recent project Black Rainbow is focusing on is the futures fund 2021. Black Rainbows is investing in the indigenous LGBTIQ+ community, and have eight lots of $1000 per year for five years to individuals within the community that are thriving in their fields and require the financial support to take that extra step to flourish.

Alongside this newest project, they also provide the contagion of love micro-grant initiative, support lines and further financial backing. Black Rainbow also undergoes research to keep the community and others informed, such as the recent covid research study.

See more at their website here!

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