About us

🩸It’s In Our Blood 🩸

At Hella Heels 'By Dancers, For Dancers’ is not just a slogan - it’s in our blood. Hella was born from the many years of our creators' experience working strip clubs and pole studios.

We are committed to designing and producing shoes that are tailored to the unique needs and demands of pole dancers and strippers.

Here's what you can expect when you purchase a pair of our shoes:

🪡 Quality Craftsmanship 🪡

Our shoes are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use the finest materials and expert techniques to ensure that every pair of shoes meets our high standards.

Due to the handmade nature of our shoes, some small imperfections or minor visual discrepancies may be present. While we aim to minimize these discrepancies, they are a normal part of the handcrafting process and should not impact the overall quality or durability of the shoes.

👀 Innovative and Unique Designs 👀

We are constantly working to bring you fresh and exciting new designs that you won’t find anywhere else (as well as restocking your faves!) so you can stand out on stage, in class or in the club. We believe that pole dancing and stripping are about more than just the performance - they're also about the outfits and accessories that make you feel confident and empowered. That's why we're committed to offering a wide range of styles, heel heights and colors. So whether you're looking for classic and timeless, bold and daring, or something in between, we got you covered.

To help you choose the best shoe for you, check our detailed product descriptions online that highlight each style's strengths, fabric characteristics and recommended uses.

🤩 Your New Faves 🤩

Introducing Hella, we brought world firsts to pole dancing heels! Our black painted platforms are black all the way through, so your first toe drag doesn’t scuff through white. Our covered platforms are stitched so they don’t peel away. Our lining is super plush and breathable, we have reinforced toe boxes, our stilettos all have a cushy sole at the ball of the foot. All Hellas are made from vegan materials, not because it is a trend but because it is important to us. The list goes on. It was smart developments like this that show that we care.

Tested by industry pros, we are committed to designing and producing heels for dancing (and the impact that comes with it). However, it is important to recognize that all shoes will wear over time and that fabrics are unfortunately not indestructible. We understand that you want your favourite shoes to look brand new forever, and it can be difficult to say goodbye, but we believe that it's important to be realistic about their lifespan. For more information on wear and tear and care tips, see our FAQs online, and for style and fabric specific information, check the product description.